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Zolpidem, a drug used to treat insomnia, has a formulation of zolpidem tartrate. It comes under a brand name of Ambien, Ambien CR etc. it is sedative-hypnotic drug. It is being prescribed to treat sleeping troubles since 1992.

Product name Zolpidem
Active substance Zolpidem tartrate
Dosage 5/10mg
Used for To treat insomnia
Shipped from USA
Shipped to Worldwide

What is Zolpidem and what it treats?

ZOLPIDEM, a drug that is used to treat insomnia, a condition in which person feels discomfort and don’t get a peaceful sleep all night. Zolpidem boosts a chemical present in your brain named GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) to enhance your sleep.

Uses in bullets

  • Used to treat insomnia
  • Can be used to treat as minor muscle relaxant
  • Used to get a calming effect

Indications of Zolpidem

AMBIEN (zolpidem tartrate) is indicated for those who have insomnia disorder as a short-term treatment of insomnia characterized by troubles with sleep initiation. AMBIEN has been shown to decrease sleep latency for up to 35 days in controlled clinical studies.

Side Effects

Most common side effects are ……

  • Dizziness,
  • Weakness,
  • Lightheadedness,
  • “Drugged” feeling,
  • Tiredness,
  • Loss of coordination,
  • Stuffy nose,

Least common side effects are …..

  • serious breathing problems (eg, respiratory depression)
  • unconsciousness
  • staggering,

Drug Interactions

Don’t every try to take, Opioids, benzodiazepines, and alcohol together because they can have dangerous interactions with zolpidem. They can lead to severe drowsiness, dizziness, and even cause difficult breathing. Zolpidem may also interact with some antidepressants.
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